• Access To
    Large Talent Pool

    Why go to one college at a time when you can reach out to hundreds of colleges & thousands of students from all tiers

  • Reduce
    Hiring Costs

    Campus visits are costly, time consuming and draining (mentally & physically). We offer 360 degree solution to help you close entire fresher hiring cycle.

  • 100% Students
    Per College

    We work as college partners and ensure 100% students of these colleges are on our platform.Giving you power to find the best candidates and not miss out on any talent.

  • Powerful

    We collect & organise over 50 different data points so that it makes sense for you. No other recruitment platform can offer such exhaustive student profiles.

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Some Other Features

  • Greater Control

    FlairBoat Technology provides you with greater control over the hiring process, to get you the best matched candidate for the job

  • Hire Pan-India

    We help you hire candidate from 1500+ partner colleges across India

  • Assess Online

    Using the machine learning approach , we analyzed millions of resumes to find patterns to instantly predict results.

  • On-Board Online

    We use technology to help corporate assess and hire candidates from campus and beyond.

  • Better Experience

    FlairBoat provides you user-friendly online experience and makes your hiring process hassle free.

  • Scientific/Logical Hiring

    Welcome to the future of fresher hiring. We use game based aptitude & psychometric assessment for maximum student engagement and data driven assessment.

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